Testimonial Erwin Tichem AA Partner WEA Gouda


We are a firm with about 35 people working in corporate financial services, fairly evenly divided between ladies and gentlemen. With an average age of about 42, all generations are employed. From the young to the experienced colleagues. 

First reaction to the Work Happiness App

During our New Year's meeting, we announced our partnership with JobAligner and demonstrated the app. What struck me at that time was the positive and even enthusiastic reception among young employees. Having our own community app is very modern and people thought it was proof of being a good employer. One colleague said, "attention is paid in a nice way, and not so corny. I can show this to my girlfriends and I will try to bring them into WEA Accountants & Advisors". As you know, there is a huge shortage of well-trained staff. 

The JobAligner app helps us to present ourselves as a modern employer. I have also experienced this at job interviews. Applicants react positively and I can use it to differentiate.

What makes JobAligner different?

There are many more HR tools and employee satisfaction apps, but none to my knowledge that give structured, weekly attention to the essential Work Happiness themes. This includes the integration of a private community and our DNA blueprint. At least as important to me is the clear analysis of personal data. The same goes for the practical leadership programs that allow us to easily make changes and that's what our employees are all about. Everything is integrated into one app that also comes in our corporate design. 

And these were the most important considerations for us in choosing to work with you. Giving structured attention to Work Happiness. The regularity of a few questions each week on various topics works well for us. Answering questions takes little time. The employees experience the themes as meaningful and appropriate. The questions are answered well.

The information I get is very meaningful. The big advantage is that I can take immediate action.


  • An employee with a Polish background, does not have a good command of the Dutch language. When asked the work happiness question whether she knows her own talents, she replied, "No". We spoke to her directly and it turns out she is not confident enough in her Dutch language skills to engage with customers. We offered her a specific Dutch speaking skills course. Result: we are happy and grateful, she happy, as she can now handle more higher-level work herself. Our colleagues are also happy because they see that we are willing to work on personal development, also in the form of individual customisation.
  • One young accountant felt that feedback from a supervisor was insufficient. We talked to both the supervisor and the employee. As a result, both adjusted slightly and now work together even better. I personally found this to be a strong example of the usefulness of the app.
  • The app also provides direct info on how supervision is perceived. For example, a young employee whom we would like to retain for our organisation spoke out about mediocre supervision by a colleague. Again, we sat down with both employees. More understanding for each other immediately emerged as matters were expressed via the app. I am happy about this because it benefits our entire organisation.

Work Happiness Module DNA

Furthermore, the JobAligner App also contains our core values, mission, vision, as well as the essential rules for our internal regulations. For new employees, it is immediately clear who we are, what we do, what we stand for and what is expected of them. Because it includes all our employees with photos and short self-written explanations, new employees quickly feel at home with us.

Conclusion JobAligner

  • Working with JobAligner is considered good employment practice by our employees.
  • The JobAligner app pays attention to essential Work Happiness themes in a structured way.
  • It enables me to take immediate action.
  • Our why, mission, vision and core values are clearly communicated.
  • The in-house community is especially liked by younger employees. They post easily and quickly. There are posts regarding invitations to the team, sports competitions, polls about a winter sports to be organised and things like that. Works well!

All in all, I am a very satisfied user Menco. Not a second of regret and my fellow directors are happy with it too.

My expectation is that by the end of this year we will have a better performance on personnel management, which will also improve our financial returns in a pleasant way.