JobAligner believes that together we can create a world where enjoyment of work, healthy business results, and personal growth are central. A positive mindset, self-awareness, and love are the foundations of growth. With our growth formula, collective success and individual well-being converge.

The creation of JobAligner

JobAligner was born out of a fascination with the development of organizations, individuals, and leadership. The development of the JobAligner work happiness formula has almost been in sync with the personal challenges and career of founder Menco Erenst. Menco's personal mission is therefore to contribute to a positive and peaceful society! With JobAligner, he challenges managers and employees to work together respectfully, to make work happiness the standard, and to ensure a good balance between work and private life.

Focus on Strategy and Organization Development

For many years, Menco guided executive teams in mapping out their strategies. He noticed that the members of the executive often lacked unity regarding the strategic direction. Interestingly enough, this was often due to egos and personal irritations that were not voiced. To break this stalemate, executives were challenged to express their personal reservations to their fellow board members. This was a healthy way to create business cohesion and unity.

Focus on Authentic and Vulnerable Leadership

The above illustrates that self-awareness and a certain degree of vulnerability are important for the proper functioning of leaders. Menco specialized in leadership training and found alignment with the philosophy of Brene Brown. Leaders are challenged to be vulnerable and to look at themselves critically. To lead with empathy and an open heart.

Focus on Personal Development and Growth

Triggered by a past where Menco was not accustomed to expressing his deepest emotions, proved nearly fatal. A resting heart rate of 150 - 200 beats per minute for a period of one year compelled him to drastically change his lifestyle. From that moment on, he became fascinated with the possibilities of personal development and growth.

Focus on Integrated Work Happiness Formula JobAligner

Menco felt it was the right moment to combine the knowledge and experience he had acquired into an Integrated Work Happiness Formula. Why? An increasing number of employees are experiencing high work pressure, excessive stress, concentration problems, decreased motivation, and sometimes even a lack of happiness in life. At the same time, the number of burnouts is rising, particularly among young employees. Naturally, this development also affects productivity. In short: reason enough to make work happiness a top priority. JobAligner was born.

Personal Mission Menco Erenst

I consider it my personal mission to contribute to a positive and peaceful society! Through JobAligner, I challenge employees and managers to be more aligned in life, to work together respectfully, to watch over a good work-life balance, and to make greater work happiness the standard.

For me, increasing work happiness is synonymous with achieving hard business objectives by paying attention to the human side. And by approaching the theme of Work Happiness both top-down and bottom-up. In other words: optimizing work happiness is a matter of concern for all involved.

I believe that a positive mindset, love, and self-awareness are the foundations for any form of growth. My motto: let's create a world together where work happiness, healthy entrepreneurial results, and personal growth are central.

If you want change, be the change!

Personal Mission Daniel Ouwendijk

Chief Information Officer

Why do people always ask me if I'm traveling abroad for work or vacation? I never like to answer this question because the answer is always both. I'm so in love with what I do that I don't draw a line between work and personal life. Yes, I am a programmer... and I can work from anywhere. That's true! But it's not about what I do, it's about how I feel about it. I've found the perfect workspace where I work with a lot of pleasure and also get to know myself better.

Okay, but that's not all. I've faced many challenges, such as setting boundaries, learning to say no, feeling uncomfortable, and lacking self-confidence. But I'm glad I've been able to overcome my personal challenges. I realize that my work environment and atmosphere have contributed to this. In turn, I'm happy to contribute to providing employees from other organizations with an optimal and pleasant workspace. And you know what's great? JobAligner exactly does that! It literally addresses all the issues that stand in the way of work happiness.

Personal Mission Cristina Muntoni

Marketing & Communication Director

I was born twice. My second life was born ten years ago after I suddenly almost died. Today I give thanks for what happened to me because it generated a great change in my life. At that moment I realized that life is too short to live it the way others expect you to, instead of following the very thing that ignites your passion and gives meaning to your existence.

I started to give more space to my passions, quit my job as a lawyer, and let go of people, habits, and things that no longer matched my new life. People thought it was crazy, and to this day they continue to interview me in the media about this change. But for me the real madness is to keep going down the same roads, while inside you know what your mission is.

I am very passionate about researching human history to find the tools of social systems where peace, sharing and harmony existed. I grew up in an ancient land, Sardinia, where there are still traces of these values. My mission in the world is to spread these tools of growth and well-being, and when I met Menco and his project, I felt at home because JobAligner is the perfect embodiment of everything I believe in.

I believe that helping people develop spiritual leadership and find happiness and harmony in the social system of their work is a very important step in building a better world. Happiness is an achievable dream, and I deeply love helping people make it come true because that is my calling!