Investing in work happiness always pays for itself

Imagine a workplace where work happiness and productivity are central. Where strategy, leadership, and personal growth come together. With the right balance between work and private life. So, a Job that is completely Aligned. Sounds complex? It doesn't have to be!

JobAligner helps you create a workplace where work happiness, productivity, and a healthy balance between work and private life are central. These abstract concepts become tangible and measurable with our integrated work happiness formula.

The integrated work happiness formula offers a successful and simple solution for achieving more work happiness, organizational development, and personal growth within twelve months.

Work happiness deserves a contemporary and continuous approach. That is why you will receive a modern work happiness app from us, which is delivered in your corporate identity. The work happiness app consists of 5 work happiness modules and is intended for everyone involved within your organization.

  • JobAligner Community
    Share positive messages which create more connection in the workplace.
  • JobAligner DNA
    Familiarize employees with the DNA of your organization.
  • JobAligner Work Happiness Route
    The daily dose of work happiness for employees. Transformation starts here.
  • JobAligner Analytics & Advice
    Information received is converted into inspiration for greater work happiness.
  • JobAligner Leadership Programs
    Building work happiness, organizational development and happiness together.

Where attention is paid to work happiness, success grows!

What our customers say

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Testimonial Erwin Tichem AA Partner WEA Gouda

"The information I get is very meaningful. There are many more HR tools and employee satisfaction apps, but there are none to my knowledge that give structured, weekly attention to the essential Work Happiness themes. The JobAligner app helps us present ourselves as a modern employer."

Work happiness from the employer

The most important advantages of investing in work happiness from the employer.

  1. Productivity increases significantly.
  2. Creativity and innovation increases.
  3. Profitability skyrockets.
  4. Staff outflow decreases.
  5. Corporate reputation is strengthened.
  6. Absenteeism and sickness leave costs decreases.
  7. Relationships with managers and colleagues are improved.
  8. The health and well-being of employees increases.

Sources: Boston Consulting Group, Glassdoor, Newcom, TNO & CBS

Work happiness from the employee

Important factors of work happiness as experienced by employees.

  1. Appreciation and meaning in activities.
  2. Good relationships with managers and colleagues.
  3. Good work-life balance.
  4. Learning and growth opportunities.
  5. Safety in the workplace.
  6. Attractive salary.
  7. Company reputation and financial stability.
  8. Autonomy in carrying out work.

Sources: Boston Consulting Group, Glassdoor, Newcom, TNO & CBS


Science Based

Happiness at work ... this is what science says

JobAligner relies on scientific insights and proven methods that promote work happiness. These principles underlie the JIG model, or: the JobAligner Instant Growth model. From the start, this model promotes the growth of work happiness.

  • Positive psychology and work happiness
    JobAligner employs positive psychology. The scientific principles of positive psychology focus on enhancing positive emotions, thoughts, and actions. As a result, employees feel more confident, creative, meaningful, and healthier - and that results in more work happiness!
  • Self-reflection and work happiness
    The work happiness modules encourage employees and managers to reflect on their thoughts, behaviors, and performance. Scientific research indeed shows that self-reflection contributes to greater work happiness. Self-reflecting employees are not only more productive but also better at focusing, reducing stress, and preventing problems.

Work happiness for whom?

JobAligner is immediately deployable within any organization, for both profit and non-profit organizations, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to multinationals.

The work happiness formula is intended for organizations that aim for good entrepreneurial results and that hold human capital in high regard. In short: JobAligner is a growth formula for collective success and individual well-being.

Investing in work happiness pays off

The voices of employees and employers are saying: "we are busy, busy, and busy. We are overwhelmed with work and nothing more can be added at this moment." Then why invest energy, money, and time in work happiness? Simple! The benefits of JobAligner are crystal clear: employees feel more valued, go to work with more pleasure, have less absenteeism, and are also more productive! So, investing in work happiness always pays off!

Curious? JobAligner is eager to hear your story and to offer you a suitable work happiness formula.