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Cookies and related technologies are small text files transferred with the pages of this website and stored on the hard drive of your computer or another device by your browser. These text files can contain information about the use of the website and certain choices and configurations you have made. Cookies are also used to identify a computer. We use three types of cookies on our website: (1) functional cookies, (2) analytical cookies, and (3) marketing cookies.  

We collect and process data on our website using cookies and related technologies to track the behaviour of visitors on our websites. This enables us to optimise our website and adapt it to the needs and interests of our visitors.

Functional cookies ensure that certain components of the website work properly and that our website is easy to use. These cookies are necessary for a sound technical operation of our website. We may place these cookies without requiring permission from our visitors.

The software on our website uses the following cookies, which we use for the following purposes:

We use analytical cookies to make it clear which information our visitors need and what their needs are. This enables us, for example, to identify when someone is making use of our website. We use Google Analytics for this. Google uses this information to track how you use the website, to draft reports about the website activity, and to provide other services related to website activity and Internet use. The analytical cookies we use have no or only minor consequences for your privacy. We use this information to optimise our websites and offer targeted and relevant content.

We use the following analytical cookies for thelisted purposes:

    We also use marketing cookies to offer you more appropriate information and advertisements on this website and other websites (so-called(re)marketing/(re)targeting) and to measure the success rate of our advertising measures (so-called Conversion Tracking). 

    Our website shows products and offers by us and third parties. You may also encounter our advertisements on websites of third parties. These marketing cookies enable us to:

    We use the following marketing cookies for the listed purposes:

    Not all cookies are placed by Hunt Your Dream B.V.. They can also be placed on your device by third parties. This will always happen if you use a social media plug-in. We refer you to the (privacy) statements on the websites of these third parties.

    The use of functional cookies is necessary to have our website operate as well as possible. We offer you the option to turn off the placement of marketing cookies and analytical cookies.

    You can remove cookies through your browser settings. This also revokes any permission granted previously. Our website may no longer work optimally after removing the cookies.

    Hunt Your Dream B.V. can amend this cookie statement if we change our website or if regulations on cookies change. For this reason, we recommend periodically checking this statement. Our privacy statement indicates how Hunt Your Dream B.V. handles your privacy and which rights you have with respect to access, rectification and/or removal of your personal data. For more information, we refer you to our privacy statement: